Improve horsepower and performance & Restore fuel efficiency

Improve horsepower and performance & Restore fuel efficiency

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Diesel vehicles are commonly being affected with blocked diesel particulate filters and heavy sooting in the engine manifold.

This is becoming more and more of an issue with modern diesel vehicles, particularly with certain designs of diesel intake, or with some drivers who do smaller mileage in their diesel vehicle.

Key benefits:

  1. Removes baked-on carbon from the EGR valve
  2. Cleans EGR runners and cavities
  3. Cleans air intake
  4. Restores fuel efficiency
  5. Reduces emissions
  6. Improves horsepower and performance

Particularly with operators doing regular short journeys induction cleaning should be performed every 18,000–24,000miles/ 30‚000–40‚000 km to maintain maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

Why is this necessary?

In order to maintain minimal emissions manufacturers have created extremely precise fuel injectors, have placed a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the exhaust system and have used Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to ensure unburned fuel doesn’t reach the exhaust pipe.

Any carbon build up on the valves or in the EGR will affect the efficiency of the engine, having a knock on effect on drivability and fuel economy. These changes are gradual and are normally unnoticed by the driver.

DPFs are particularly prone to clogging if they aren’t given the opportunity to regenerate. This can occur when the vehicle is repeatedly not allowed to reach operating temperature (i.e. lots of short journeys and very few longer journeys).

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