Great value at our new Van service centre

Great value at our new Van service centre

Service and repair to the highest quality and best value. Find out what our fully qualified service team can do for you today

Welcome to Automotive Services New Van Centre

Our qualified technicians will carry out all necessary repairs and maintenance to your commercial vehicle, no matter how big or small it is.

Despite the consistently high quality levels of our service and repair offerings we provide some of the best value repair and maintenance facilities in Dublin for truck and van operators

Commercial vehicles in general have become  vastly more complex in the last 2 decades. Increased emission and safety legislation accounts for many of the large changes seen in commercial vehicles. Basic service work is not as straightforward as it once was. To maintain modern vehicles to manufacturer’s recommendations requires a large amount of equipment and expertise. At Automotive Services we are well aware of the requirements of modern Vans.

 Vans are more reliable than ever. However today’s operators cover far more ground than in days past. Many modern tractor units are driven up to 16 hours per day. It is no surprise that these operators need a service that can get them back on the road quickly and affordably.Automotive Services are well aware of the cost of downtime for vehicle operators and this is why we have a comprehensive service team to back you up

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