Find out all you need know about CVRT Testing (DOE Testing)

Find out all you need know about CVRT Testing (DOE Testing)

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Commercial Vehicle DOE Testing

For more than 25 years Automotive Services has been providing Dublin’s business community with a top class service in commercial vehicle testing (DOE testing). At Automotive Services Centre we carry out both HGV (Heavy goods vehicles) Testing and LGV (light good vehicles) testing.

The HGV (heavy goods vehicle) DOE test is for vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes:

HGVs must take a commercial vehicle HGV test every year to renew their commercial vehicle certificate of roadworthiness. Vehicles that fail the HGV test must repair their failure items before they can be re-tested.

This is usually truck sized vehicles. Typically this HGV test applies to vehicles which have a tachograph fitted or require a licence type “C1” or above. While the test is typically for trucks, some long wheel base vehicles may also fit into this category as they have a GVW in excess of 3500 Kgs.

Regular vehicle testing goes hand-in-hand with owning or operating a heavy goods vehicle (HGV).

The HGV test covers the following commercial vehicles 

Goods vehicles over 3,500kg gross vehicle weight (GVW)

Goods trailers over 3,500kg GVW

Buses with more than eight passenger seats


HGVs must be tested annually from the anniversary of the first registration. Automtive Services will send  reminders to ensure the vehicle is tested on time.

Test process

Customers show the vehicle registration documents at the test centre. The tester matches the vehicle registration with the make and model of the vehicle.

HGV Tests take between 45 and 120 minutes depending on the type of vehicle being tested and the number of axles.

Following the test, the centre issues either a pass or fail statement.

If the vehicle passes, the driver receives a pass statement to take to the motor tax office where a roadworthiness certificate is issued for an additional fee.

If a vehicle fails, and returns for testing within 21 days and has travelled fewer than 4,000 kilometres since it was tested, the vehicle does not have to repeat the full test. Rather, it is tested only on the failure points from the first test. A re-test costs approximately 50% of the full test. Note you will be charged for a re-test if it involves the use of a test lane.

The roadworthiness certificate is not displayed on the vehicle, but it must accompany the motor tax application form to issue a tax disc. It is a condition of taxing a vehicle over one year old that it has a valid certificate of roadworthiness.

The LGV (light goods vehicle) DOE test covers vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

This is the test that the majority of light commercial vehicles fall into. This DOE test is applicable to most vans and light trucks. If a vehicle can be driven on a category “B” car licence then this is the test you require to tax your vehicle. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts of the type of DOE test needed for your vehicle.

The DOE or CVT is a structured commercial vehicle test. This means our qualified testers follow a specific set of rules and calibrated equipment to ascertain the condition of a vehicle. From this sequence the tester determines the current working condition of the vehicle and either issues a pass certificate or advises a retest.

A current tax book is all that is needed to complete the DOE test with the appropriate fee. When you bring the pass certificate to your local tax office they will then issue you a Certificate of Road Worthiness (CRW).

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