Everthing you wanted to know about Roadworthiness testing for Motor Caravan Testing

Everthing you wanted to know about Roadworthiness testing for Motor Caravan Testing

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Roadworthiness Motor Caravan Testing

From the 1st March 2012 new regulations came into effect regarding the roadworthiness testing of Motor Caravans. Find out about the new requirements.

All member states of the European union are required that a Motor Caravan testing be carried out  for roadworthiness. It has been a penalty point offence since May 2009 to use a vehicle in a public place without a certificate of roadworthiness and since then the RSA have been advising motor caravan owners to get their vehicles tested at a CVT Test Centre.

The RSA have now revised our national roadworthiness testing regulations to ensure that Motor Caravan testing be carried out from the 1st March 2012 as all Motor Caravans are required to comply with the following testing arrangements.


Test Frequency

Motor caravan testing must be done on the fourth anniversary of first registration and thereafter every two years until the vehicle is ten years old, after which annual testing applies. Motor Caravans registered prior to 1st January 1980 are exempt from testing.

Age of Vehicle Test Frequency

0-3 years No test required

4-9 years Every two years

10 years plus (10th anniversary) Annually

Motor caravans registered before 1.1.1980 No test required

Motor caravans with a DGVW not exceeding 3500kg will be tested in a LGV (Light Goods Vehicle) test lane.

Motor Caravans with a DGVW exceeding 3,500kg will be tested in a HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) test lane.

Fees & Retests

The fee structure that applies to Motor Caravans depends on the number of axles fitted to the vehicle. Motor Caravans with two axles will be charged €70.86 plus VAT (currently 23%) and Motor Caravans with three or more axles will be charged €88.58 plus VAT.

Retests, where necessary following a vehicle failing its original test must be conducted within 21 calendar days and where the use of test lane equipment is necessary the costs are €35.43 excluding VAT for a motor caravan with two axles and €44.29 excluding VAT for motor caravans with three or more axles.

Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW)

When your vehicle passes its commercial vehicle test, you will be issued with a pass statement by the test centre. You must exchange this in your local motor tax office for a certificate of roadworthiness (CRW) as soon as possible. The fee for exchanging a pass statement for a CRW at your Motor Tax Office is €6.

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