The “CVRT Test” is the new name for the existing DOE or VTN Test.

You can still book your CVR (DOE) test in the usual way by calling 01-6120922 or on-line by clicking here

It stands for “Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test” and the change in the name is part of the overall Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Reform Act 2012.

The ROAD SAFETY AUTHORITY (COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ROADWORTHINESS) ACT 2012 (download the act in pdf format) was signed by the president on 30th May 2012. This act will facilitate the functions of local authorities in relation to the roadworthiness testing of commercial vehicles (light and heavy goods vehicles and buses) transferring to the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

The Act also reforms the way Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness (CRV) testing centres and authorised testers are licensed. It will also provide greater powers of enforcement to the RSA through targeted roadside inspections and inspections of commercial vehicle operators’ premises.

CVRT Objective: 

This reform programme will drive a “step change” in the roadworthiness standards of commercial vehicles operating on Ireland’s roads, with the: 


saving lives and preventing injuries by reducing the number of accidents involving commercial vehicles on Ireland’s roads.


reducing congestion and other economic costs to the State; creating a “level playing field” for Ireland’s operators through targeting those who choose not to maintain the roadworthiness of their fleet; enhancing testing and testing efficiencies for Ireland’s network of commercial vehicle & ADR test centres (which test roadworthiness of vehicles carrying dangerous goods); and ensuring greater compliance of commercial vehicle annual testing.

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